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Chapter V: Fundamental Duties in the Constitutions Of Other Nations

    Most of the countries have recognized the objects purpose and importance of Fundamental duties by including the provisions of fundamental duties in their Constitutions. Most of the countries have made the express or implied provisions to that effect in their Constitutions. In some of the countries the fundamental rights and fundamental duties are combined together. In whatever form it may be, the object of fundamental duty is now universally recognized adopted and accepted.

    Following are some of the countries, in whose constitutions, fundamental duties are found. The countries are - Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, The People’s Republic of China, The Federal Republic of Germany, Japan, Republic of Czechoslovakia, Spain, Venezuela, Italy, Republic of Rumania, Republic of Korea, Republic of Albania, Egypt, Republic of Guatemala.

    Most of Constitutions of these countries state that it will be the Duty of their citizens to abide by their constitution and respect its ideals etc. It will be the duty of every citizen to defend the country and undergo military training; it will be the duty of every citizen to work in accordance with his abilities and to contribute by his work to the common weal; it shall be the duty to respect religions of others; it shall also be the duty of every citizen to pay the taxes as provided by the law etc.

    It must be noted that some of the countries including Venezuela prescribed the duties not only to citizens but also to the foreigners under its constitution. All the foreigners have the duties and the rights which its constitution and the laws grant them; however, neither their rights nor their duties can be greater than those of Venezuelans.
There are many other kinds of duties. It will be very interesting to read and compare with the duties incorporated in our constitution on the basis of historical, religious, cultural, background.
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