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    Blood is not used for direct transfusion only but can now be separated into its various  components which can be separately used. Thus a single unit of blood has a range of  uses like for the treatment of Burns, Prevention of infection or providing clotting  factors for bleeding patients.

    Blood cells can be separated from plasma to prepare packed cells which is used in  Severe anaemia.  These can be stored in the refrigerator at 4 oC to 6 oC till used.
    These cells can also be frozen for 10 years at –18 oC in glycerol solution.

    The Plasma is separated and frozen within 6 hrs. of phlebotomy and is called Fresh  Frozen plasma (F.F.P) It is used for patients who have coagulation problems.  FFP  contains heat labile coagulation factor V and VIII-C.  In some cases it is used for  blood volume expander during surgery.  It must be used within 24 hrs.  of thawing or   it must be used as a plain plasma (Single Donor Plasma) This SDP doesn’t contain  heat labile coagulation factors. FFP may be stored for 1 year at –18 oC.  After that it  become plain plasma and may be stored for 5 years in the freezer.  The fresh plasma  is fractionated for the isolation of vital proteins in concentrate form.

    Platelet rich plasma can be stored from 2-7 days from the day of phlebotomy, in A.C.  room in the Blood bag containing anticoagulant preferably in a ‘Platelet Agitator’.  If Platelet Concentrate is required then it should be infused to patient within 6 hrs. of  preparation of the concentrate ideally.  Platelet concentrate is achieved by pooling  several unit of platelets into one bag.

    Cryoprecipitate is factor VIII C which is also known as anti-haemophiliac factor.  It is  used for people who have Haemophilia.  To prepare Cryprecipitate, FFP is thawed in a 1-6 oC water bath or Refrigerator   within 24 hrs after it is frozen Cryprecipitate separates out into a form of white chalky   substance in the FFP bag which can be separated with the use of cold centrifuge at 4 oC in satellite Bag.  It can be stored for 1 yr. From the time of phlebotomy at –18 oC in.