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    Thalassaemia is a peculiarity of the blood which is found in many countries around the world and particularly in people of Mediterranean middle Eastern of Asian origin.  It is rare in northern Europeans.

There are two forms of Thalassaemia.
    People with thalassaemia trait are perfectly healthy themselves but they can pass thalassaemia trait on to their children through many generations without anybody realizing that it is in the family.

    This is a very serious blood disorder which begins in early childhood.  Children with Thalassaemia major cannot make enough haemoglobin in their blood.  Such child is normal at birth but becomes anaemic between the age of three to eighteen months.  If they are not treated They die between the age of one and Eight years of age and may need frequent blood transfusions.

    If one of the parent is carrying thalassaemia trait there is 50% chance that the child will have thalassaemea trait.If both parent carry thalassaemia trait there is 25% chance that their child may  have completely normal blood, 50% chance that the child will have thalassaemia trait and another 25% chance that child will have thalassaemia major.

    So before you marry you better match your blood with your partner’s instead matching your horoscope.

    For more details ask your doctor to arrange for a genetic counsellor.